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My First Airplane Was Jeanie's Teenie - A Look Into the Teenie II

Flying can be fun, exciting and down right dangerous too. Hanger Talk is fun and anyone who has ever hung around an small airport or in the pilot's lounge knows that some of what you here is complete BS and some is real. What is the old saying you can believe how much of what you hear?

Well, sometimes living it puts you into a whole different perspective than listening to someone else talk about something that happened to them. After all the stories you hear are most likely just talk. Now then let me tell you about my first airplane; a Jeanie's Teenie. It was a lot of fun indeed.

Although that Volkswagon engine was little bit of trouble, I flipped it over on an emergency landing in a strawberry field, deep furrows. Actually I almost died in it a couple of time. Well the scariest time was when the engine quit coming over the airport perimeter fence on take-off.

Oh no, oh yes! No way was I going to attempt to turn around, as I did not have the altitude or speed to go for it and had read enough NTSB reports to know that was a dead end deal. In fact as it was, I barely got the wings level to turn with the furrows before crash landing in that field.

I guess the farmer had a sick sense of humor putting the furrows perpendicular to the runway, in case someone lost an engine on take off. Well that was one time I almost died, another time I hand prop'ed it at 3,000 ft AGL when the engine quit. Set up an 85 kt glide, un-did my seat belt (open cockpit plane - see picture below) and then hand propped it, three times, third times a charm.

To hell with that; man, talk about 180 pulse rate and adrenal glands pumping. I guess that is the closest I got to being a test pilot. Must be a young man's sport? Fearless Youth! I guess it's true what they say;

"There are No Old Bold Pilots"

The problem with an open cockpit low-wing aircraft is if you flip you may not live. If I would have had more altitude that day I might not have been eating strawberries for lunch? I might have gotten the engine re-started like the other time? Oh well what can I say; adjusting the valves using a business card on the old Volkswagon Engine. Well you know how Volkswagon engines are?

The wing span was so short that when you sucked off the power you became a flying brick. Yah, well Mr. Collins, "I Learned about flying from That!" So much for the "Flying Magazine Columns." Well the Jeanie's Teenie was a fun plane. Here is a picture of one.

http://members.eaa.org/home/homebuilders/images/selecting/kits/kits/Teenie Two (aka Jeanie's Teenie)-1.jpg

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